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Cardinal provides for all of your culinary needs, whether on an ocean barge or in an emergency response camp.  We pride ourselves on total flexibility, so whatever the size or nature of your’ operation, we are pleased to adapt our services to fit your requirements and suit  the unique conditions of both on-site and off-site catering projects.

Our culinary experts at Cardinal can prepare and serve almost any dish at any location. We take pride in our ability to satisfy the diverse dietary requirements and appetites found in today’s multi-cultural workforce that is typically encountered in remote site work.

Wherever we are feeding people, from the high seas to the remote oil patch,  the demand for selection, quality and value remain high. We have scoured the Gulf Coast and beyond for the freshest, highest quality ingredients to bring to your crew.  Through our established strategic partnerships with front line vendors, we are able to provide these premium goods at a price that is often below that of lesser quality fare.

Onshore or offshore – Cardinal will be there to take care of your people so they can take care of your clients.